Launched: December 2021

The objective of the website design strategy for EduExplora was to create an engaging and user-friendly online platform that effectively showcased their educational services and offerings. The strategy aimed to enhance the overall user experience, convey the brand's expertise and professionalism, and ultimately drive increased engagement and conversions.


To achieve this objective, the strategy focused on several key elements. Firstly, a clean and modern design approach was adopted, aligning with the client’s desired aesthetic and the expectations of their target audience. The design elements incorporated a harmonious blend of visuals, typography, and color schemes that reflected the educational nature of the brand while maintaining a visually appealing and professional appearance.

In terms of functionality, the strategy prioritized intuitive navigation and easy accessibility to different sections of the website. Clear call-to-action buttons and strategically placed contact forms were implemented to encourage user engagement and generate leads. Additionally, the website was designed to be fully responsive and optimized for various devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Driving Growth and Engagement

In just a few months after the initial launch, EduExplora witnessed a remarkable surge in website traffic. From a month after the launch until June 2022, the website attracted a staggering 25,135 unique visitors, representing an astounding 3,770.3% increase compared to the previous period. The website also recorded an impressive average of 8,378 monthly visits, with 5,347 monthly unique visitors.

Additionally, the data revealed a strong level of user engagement and interest in the website’s content. Visitors spent an average duration of 1 minute and 1 second on the site, indicating their active exploration and engagement with the educational resources and offerings. The pages per visit averaged at 1.32, demonstrating a genuine interest in the content provided.

Notably, the bounce rate, a key metric measuring the percentage of visitors who left the website after viewing only a single page, stood at an impressive 28.63%. This low bounce rate signifies that the majority of visitors found the website engaging, relevant, and compelling, enticing them to explore further.

These remarkable statistics from January 2022 until June 2022 highlight the tremendous success of EduExplora’s website and the positive impact of Brightsand Designs’ strategic design and user experience approach. The surge in visitor numbers, extended visit durations, and low bounce rates are a testament to the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts and the successful A/B split test conducted on the website design. Through meticulous analysis and optimization, we have created a captivating and engaging online platform that has garnered significant attention and interest from EduExplora’s target audience.