WordPress Tutorials – How To Make Your First Blog Post

WordPress Tutorials – How To Make Your First Blog Post

“Check out the link to my blog in my bio!” 

Raise your hand if you’ve heard /read this a lot more often recently. It’s almost like everyone is a blogger now or expressing themselves through an online medium, and we understand that you want to do that too. Creating content by making blog posts is a great way to start.

You’ve got something to say, value to share, but you don’t know the first thing about starting a blog? That’s what we’re here for, to make it easy for you to get started on your online journey.

Using WordPress

Let’s say you’ve chosen WordPress as your publisher of choice, and you’ve already decided between WordPress.com and WordPress.org after weighing the pros and cons of each site.


WordPress.com is for beginners who don’t know how to deal with third-party anything or who like the word FREE. Then WordPress.com is for you, this option allows you to create a free website quickly, but you can’t monetize it unless you go for their business plan. Your site won’t be as customized as you’d like it to be, and there’s limited disk space, 3GB.


WordPress.org is what you want when you’d like to customize, monetize, and have complete control. You’ll have to do your own hosting, and if you sign up with WordPress.org, they help you create it with Bluehost, one of the oldest hosting sites on the internet. There is a fee and a learning curve, but it’s worth it.

Why Hosting is Important

The hosting you choose will determine your site’s speed, security, and location on the web. You would want to take note of this for your SEO, but more of those details later. An excellent hosting site will also protect it from hackers. 

When looking up a hosting site, make sure to check out their customer support and see if they offer fast and reliable help. When your blog or site gets hacked, this could lead to Google distrusting the site and eventually affecting your site’s ranking on the web.

Hosting Provider

A hosting site is where you store all your site’s essential files. Everything you see on a site is all stored in a hosting site, and there are different kinds for you to choose from to help you maintain your site. 

FastComet: This web hosting was established in 2013. They evolved into the first choice for web hosting services of more than 50,000 personal and small-business website owners from humble beginnings. Not only is FastComet able to integrate your WordPress account, but it also caters to any of your web hosting needs. This service has been personally tried and tested, and we highly recommend them to all our clients as it has excellent all-around customer service and competitive pricing.

Did we forget to mention? They have FREE migration support for your website!

Check out our affiliate link here and receive up to 65% off on your purchase!

Your First Blog Post

Back to you, you’ve gone through your thirty-minute WordPress set-up, and now you can’t wait to get started on creating content for your blog. But, how do you get started? 

Introduce yourself!

Your first blog post on your site should introduce the audience to you and your brand. It’s great if your followers from another platform know who you are and followed you here. 

However, you might be getting new visitors who don’t know how you are. That’s why it’s great to make a post welcoming them to your page or introducing them to you.

What’s Your Niche?

You created your site, you’ve introduced yourself…now what? What are you going to talk about that can give value to others? By finding your voice, you’ll know how to set the tone for your site’s niche. 

The category of your niche – business, food, or commerce, your voice will impact who gets attracted to your brand. Remember, make sure the brand has a consistent tone, and read up on other blogs to see the direction you’d like to take.

Become a Blog Content, Queen or King

If you have content from your other platforms, it’s a great idea to re-upload them to your blog. Having blog content from the get-go is a great thing. But don’t lean on all of your old posts. You’ve got to create new ones.

Plan out your content for the month or the months in succession. It would help if you stuck to a theme for that whole month and did not drift from subject to subject. This way, your audience can grow with you. Discovering new things together can help them feel more tied to you.

Imagery is essential as well; however, it’s your content that people stick around for. Ideally, a healthy balance of both is what will help your blog gain more viewers. Don’t just type in everything. Try and break up paragraphs with photos or videos.

Content Prompts:

  • Introduction Post
  • How To Get Started *name niche here*
  • Content Relevant to a Holiday or Month
  • Tips to Help You with Your Niche
  • Your Story on How You Started in Your Niche
  • What to do VS What not to do in Your Niche
  • Who to Follow in your Niche
  • Recommendations like Books, Podcasts, etc.
  • What You Wished You Did Differently
  • Highs and Lows in your Niche
  • Your Experience So Far in Your Niche
  • Create a Series and set a Deadline
  • Do Monthly Recaps
  • Do Monthly Plans
  • Life Updates

Writing Tools

When creating content, it’s easy to get caught up in the wording, running sentences, and wondering if you’re using the correct grammar. It can strain your creative juices, worrying about all of those elements when you’re trying to write what you know. Here are some sites you can use to check your grammar and spelling.

Grammarly: This site has a free option that checks basic spelling and some grammar. If you get the Premium, you have access to sentence rewrites and other unique features.

Grammar Check:  Just copy and paste your text here, and it will scan through everything for free on their Free Check. For their Deep Check, it goes in-depth and corrects harder-to-spot errors.

Ginger Software: This grammar checker corrects mistakes just like a human reviewer would. You also have the option to sign up for their Premium version or install it on your browser for free.

Hemingway: This is a web-based paid app that works on Windows and Mac. You can post directly from here to WordPress, and it is designed to correct spelling, grammar and improve readability.

Language Tool: The language tool works with 20 plus languages and is a free add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Google Docs. You can also download it as a complete desktop app, and it focuses on being distraction-free.

For other Grammar Site Recommendations, you select the one that appeals to you the most here.

SEO For Your Blog

Yes, we were going to talk about this eventually. It would help if you had good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or get traffic to your site for you to build an audience and get some ROI for all that hard work you’re doing creating content and building your brand.

SEO expert Neil Patel created a blog post for 7 FREE Tools to help you with your SEO traffic. There’s nothing like some free help to get you started. 

Get Your Write On

Okay, you’ve selected your hosting provider, you’ve got your domain name, and you’ve got your first draft ready to go. 

Now, all you have to do is click ‘publish.’

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