Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a way of connecting back with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers

Email Marketing

Email Marketing has been around forever since it’s the #1 channel aside from Social Media that effectively stabilizes communication with your followers. Did you know that 99% of consumer check their email daily?
Email converts better because people who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. Furthermore, since you own your list, you have more control over the kind of leads you want to communicate with. 

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Email is essential, and here to stay. We can build you a targeted email campaign to get the word out about your company or product. This form of marketing allows you to communicate directly with your audience. We organize, customize, and target the audience you need. Then, we review, reassess, and resend. Our team will work with you to establish what kind of strategy to use like:

A focused, personalized, and targeted e-mail campaign can generate more open rates and click-throughs. We will help you with:


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What do I do to get started?
Once you’ve completed the down-payment, the next step is for us to get more in-depth insight into your business. We want to know your business goals, customers and expectations and behavior, and how your website blends with it all.
We will also scope out the competitive landscape for context and the benchmarks for how your site should function and improve them. We want to build a solid foundation with you on the primary stage to move forward with the information we need to make recommendations and for the design and development of your new website.
Do you have a support retainer?
We recommend retaining our services after the launch of your website or re-branded page so that we can assist you, should any support issues arise. An added benefit of this retainer is we can continue to provide you with several other marketing services that you might want to utilize.
Will my sales hike due to an email marketing campaign?

Yes, email campaigns have proven to hike sales by inspiring the audience to invest in the company/product.

When should you buy a product?

Purchasing a product is only needed when you want to solve a current or future problem. Trusting in the brand/ company because of your connection to their messaging.

Now, that answers that question.

When you show your audience that your product or service will bring value to their life, they’re more likely to share or buy something from you.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and with emails, it can translate into a thousand shares or increased ROI. By taking the time to share inspiring content, you create a connection with your prospect, and from there, you can build trust.

Should we be segmenting our target list?

The brief answer to this is: YES!

Why send a blanket message to hundreds of recipients who might not even relate to or want to open your email? You can similarly send a targeted email to a segmented contact list – who are interested! By carefully crafting your message to specific recipients, you will definitely boost your open and conversion rate.

Should I buy an email list?
NO! Never, and let us tell you why.
People on a purchased list didn’t ask to hear from you. The goal of your marketing effort is to find the right prospects and customers. If you buy a list, you’re removing the decision away from your prospects. Think of it this way, they receive an unsolicited message ( or most likely their spam folder), and they have no idea what the email is about, who you are, how you got their information. Now, your carefully crafted message is taking up space in their inbox. Now, you’re on their wrong side.
So don’t do it, okay?

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