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eCommerce is your online store that displays your catalog of products or services to a worldwide audience. By trading online, eCommerce sites allow traders and merchants to go global when it comes to their products, no longer being limited to any single area or region. It's vital to have a website that is both functional and able to reach potential customers through every device with a screen.

Your website design speaks volumes about you, and making a favorable impression is paramount. Our goal is to build you a website that you'll be proud of and gets you the best results.

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By taking your store online, you can connect with other businesses and companies as well as customers. By hiring a team who know how to create functional, professional and trustworthy sites, your customers can feel peace of mind as they continue to shop online. eCommerce sites require more features than a regular site due to the amount of traffic from shopping customers and you will need a team who can create the perfectly seamless customer experience.

With Brightsand Designs, we

We not only design, but we can also re-brand your website to suit the appearance you’re looking to project. Let us handle everything for you!


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Do you create personalized websites?

YES! We create personalized websites for you or your company with as many additional pages as you want. You can let us know by including that information when you check out. If you need to incorporate added pages like a mailing list, CRM, or third-party tools, we are more than capable of handling that.

What do I do to get started?

Once you’ve completed the down-payment, the next step is for us to get more in-depth insight into your business. We want to know your business goals, customers and expectations and behavior, and how your website blends with it all.

We will also scope out the competitive landscape for context and the benchmarks for how your site should function and improve them. We want to build a solid foundation with you on the primary stage to move forward with the information we need to make recommendations and for the design and development of your new website.

Do you have a support retainer?
We recommend retaining our services after the launch of your website or re-branded page so that we can assist you, should any support issues arise. An added benefit of this retainer is we can continue to provide you with several other marketing services that you might want to utilize.

Thank you for inquiring and we look forward to speaking with you!


Discovery Call

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We would love to learn about your business so our team can determine what strategies we can do to help you and your business overcome your current needs and business challenges.

Getting in a call with us will also mostly benefit you to get a custom service plan just for your business needs.

We are confident that we will be able to work something out with you!