SDC Sand and Gravel Inc.

At BRIGHTSAND designs, our goal is to make your brand stand out and make sure that your logo and branding reflect who you indeed are as a company.

We were tasked to create a new logo and branding for their company that will stand the test of time. As a team, we thought that it would be apt to create a logo that is both recognizable and fitting for a company that produces and delivers the best foundation materials and aggregates for construction and building structures.

We have made five unique concepts all-in-all but immediately got approval from top management with this logo and branding. It is with pride to finally present SDC Sand and Gravel Inc.’s logo and branding concept. Explore our album to learn more about how we created their logo and branding.


Choosing the colors was decided very quickly. The color yellow is seen as a primary color. Primary colors are the foundations. Our designer also chose from a primary color to use for the second dominant color. As sand and gravel are one of the main components in building a foundation, we thought that it is just apt to use the following.

We also chose to use a sans-serif for readability purposes, and Avenir has been one of those fonts that have been reliable in displaying texts both in web and print formats.



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