How To Understand Your Customers

How To Understand Your Customers

Brightsand Designs - How To Understand Your Customers

It’s 2021, and the pressure is on! The world shifted dramatically last year, and many companies and systems had to change with it. The world of digital marketing ended up pivoting like never before to accommodate all the changes and problems associated with the pandemic. Because of this digital shift, consumers have also learned a new language when it comes to the way companies interact with them online.

Is Your Company Something that People Want to Stand By?

We’ve seen a rise in the “conscious consumer”, and slowly brands and companies have begun to rethink their operations and values.

Representation and advocacy against what used to pass, as usual, has many of these consumers thinking twice about supporting brands that they feel do not represent them or their values.

However, it’s essential to also take a real look at the current climate before posting something cheeky on social media to be “on-trend.” Consumers see right through these tactics, and it can set you back even further. It’s not always about what’s on-trend, it’s about what’s true.

It’s Not Just Sales; It’s The Quality of Life

Does your product or brand improve people’s lives besides a temporary endorphin rush from purchasing your product? The fact that money is a lot tighter and the financial gaps between classes has only grown, people have begun to cautiously research products online, through reviews. They compare it to whether they need what you’re selling and whether they can get it elsewhere and cheaper.

If your brand doesn’t add to their quality of life, then no one will purchase it. Your consumer should feel like you have their best interests at heart before buying your product and should continue to feel taken care of, even after. They want to be looked after genuinely, rather than to boost your sales.

Don’t Appeal To Everyone. Target Your Audience

When starting, businesses always create a target audience or buyer persona for whom they’d like to market their brand. By targeting “everyone”, you’re not targeting the right audience for you.

It’s common knowledge that not everyone will like you; this is why creating a buyer persona and targeting that demographic will help give your company the direction it needs to grow.

Sometimes, the target audience can shift, and you end up with a completely different demographic than you planned. By cultivating your target audience, and developing real human connections with them, you’re increasing your chances of building loyalty and making an advocate for your brand.

Never underestimate the power of personal connection.

Words to Remember:

In a Forbes interview, Mayur Gupta – Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer of Gannett said this when talking about trust and loyalty:

“It’s your Purpose that defines your Why, your soul as a business. And then the Promise you make with your customers, your community which should ladder up to your Purpose. And lastly, the Product you deliver that ladders up to your Promise.” – Mayur Gupta, Forbes 2021 Interview.


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