As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses of all sizes, being prepared for the present and the future is crucial. In these unfortunate circumstances, establishing a strong online presence with a capable website that supports online sales has become more relevant than ever.

Consider Online Traffic

Traditionally, customers visited physical stores to make purchases, but the current quarantine situation has drastically reduced foot traffic. However, online traffic is on the rise. To adapt to this new wave, setting up a website with the necessary e-commerce capabilities is the logical solution for your business to start operating again.

Maintaining Momentum

Having a robust online presence and e-commerce site not only allows your business to continue operating but also helps maintain meaningful relationships with loyal customers. Additionally, going online opens up opportunities to reach a broader audience, extending your business’s reach and customer base. Don’t just hope for the best; proactively keep your business momentum going.


While a social media presence is valuable for engaging existing followers, having an e-commerce website takes accessibility to a whole new level. Overcoming challenges in competing with global competitors becomes possible by providing products and materials locally instead of relying on overseas suppliers. However, without an e-commerce website, your supply may not reach its full potential.
Simply getting your business online with a well-designed website can help your business flourish despite the current predicament of COVID-19. Remember, this won’t be the last crisis to impact consumer behavior, so preparing your business for any future challenges is essential.

At BRIGHTSAND Designs, we are dedicated to making your business’s online transition easy and successful. Whether you’re starting a new e-commerce design or refreshing your current one, we will provide the best strategy to benefit your business in the long run.

Adapting to this new economic shift may present challenges, but maintaining a business in spite of it is not impossible. The right mindset should be to “think physical distancing, not social distancing.” Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business online and navigate these changes with confidence.