COVID-19 is testing us all. With the understanding that we might not be out of the woods for a few months or more, businesses of all sizes are struggling to find their place and footing in this challenging climate. In this article, we will provide brief but essential insights on how you can keep your business moving forward by building up your brand, protecting your staff, and staying true to your values during this time of coronavirus.

Connecting with Your Customers during a Crisis

Digital marketing has proven to be incredibly beneficial during this crisis, regardless of the type of business you run. As more people stay at home, they increasingly rely on online purchases and information gathering. E-commerce businesses, in particular, have experienced less impact compared to physical stores and services. Therefore, taking your business online or improving your online presence is crucial for growth and maintaining customer engagement. Maximizing your return on investment can be achieved by increasing website traffic, social media presence, and brand awareness through paid social and Google Ads.

Extending your budget to digital marketing has nothing but long-term benefits for your business. It may come with a few challenges, but it is a strategic and effective step that your business can rely on as we approach a ‘new normal’.

Refreshing Your Brand and Improving Your Customer Experience (CX)

While honoring your values and authenticity at your core, businesses should consider pivoting their strategies during these times. This period of uncertainty allows for reflection on values and mission, leading to innovative ways to engage customers, employees, or clients.

Brand maintenance is important, but a brand refresh can make a significant impact. Utilize this opportunity to refresh your brand or website to prepare for the future. The increased online attention allows for making small or significant changes to enhance the customer journey. Tidy up your social media profiles and keep customers informed about what to look forward to with your products, services, or company updates. These seemingly small adjustments can steer potential and loyal customers in your direction.

If you feel overwhelmed and unsure about where and how to make these changes, we can help. Our team can assess your existing strategy, understand your challenges, and propose competitive solutions to maximize your website and online presence for your customers.

Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone. Get in touch with our team at BRIGHTSAND designs, a full-service creative digital agency. We can help you build, create, and maintain long-term customer engagements and sales through online-driven solutions for your business. With our end-to-end creative and digital marketing services, your business can maintain momentum and reach customers despite the ongoing pandemic.

This pandemic is just a short-term phase in our timeline, and having a steady, long-term marketing plan is exactly what your business needs today. The sense of security will return, towns and cities will reopen, and people will carry on with their lives as if none of this ever happened. When that time comes, your customers will know EXACTLY where to go.